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  • Eliza Kroll

Self Analysis - Mixed Media

For this assignment, I decided to use the interior space that I know the best — my dorm room. I decided to base my mixed media assignment on my roommate’s unmade bed. I used a mixture of my own sketchbook paper and the base paper for this assignment. For this mixed media project, I used an analogous cool color pallet, which included blue, blue-green, and green. However, I mainly used shades and tints of blue and blue-green. I found this project pretty challenging because it was so large and how much time I had in order to complete it. Another challenge that I faced was the base paper I used. The paper was not highly conducive to the acrylic inks used for this project. For the collage component of this assignment, I collaged the flag, internet box, lamp, fan, white bedspread, and striped sheets. I found it pretty surprising that I liked the acrylic inks as much as I did. I have had many difficulties with using liquid art mediums (ex. acrylic paint, watercolor, etc.), so I found the ease with which I was able to use the ink quite surprising. One of the most successful portions of this project is the upper right-hand corner. I especially like the flag. The flag, in particular, is so successful because of the variation I got in the color. I also like the white duvet cover that I painted. I believe that the subtlety of its color adds some well-needed balance to this piece.

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