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Protective/Wearable - Process Log


I found myself struggling a good bit with this assignment. For this assignment, I had to incorporate a piece or theme of my original Personage as an Icon/Talisman/Fetish/Effagy/Icon into my Protective/Wearable piece. I originally planned to put a physical domed object over the Talisman I made and hang it by a chain. However, I struggled to make this work. Therefore, I decided to incorporate similar natural elements into my piece to incorporate the same themes and vibe of the original Talisman. I decided to incorporate the theme by using similar shapes, found materials, organic fibers, and elements from trees.


I created a wire structure as an underlying form for my bell-shaped object. I used wire, tin foil, and painter's tape to create the under-structure. I made the papier-mâché at my apartment by heating flour, water, and Kosher salt. I used multiple paper types in this assignment, including newsprint, copy paper, and tissue paper. I used the newsprint and copy paper on two layers inside and outside the wire and foil under-structure. After those two layers dried, I used the tissue paper, which I found far more malleable and easier to use. Like with the Talisman project, I wanted to use color; however, I tried to keep the color from looking flat and static. I played around with an old blue piece of gauze fabric I found. I decided to layer this fabric over top of the papier-mâché. I then sporadically layer tissue paper over the fabric. This created an ethereal effect that I love. To stay with the theme of the Talisman project, I wanted to use an element from trees. I did this by gathering handfuls of Ginko leaves I found outside, washing them, and coating them in a layer of mod-podge. I hot-glued these inside the inner part of the bell. with a gradation moving from green to yellow-brown. I made two holes in the top of the bell and made a wire handle. I attached a chain to the object so it can be hung on the body.

I still felt like the object was missing something; therefore, I made a set of earrings to go along with the main piece. I made the by crumpling p tinfoil and taping it in place, covering it in papier-mâché and fabric. I stabbed a piece of wire through the two objects and attached earring hooks. I then hot glued small yellowing Ginko leaves to the bottom in a fan-like shape.

Meaning & Purpose

I chose to make this object in a bell-like shape because bells have been used for centuries to ward off evil spirits in folk beliefs as well as Christianity and other religions. Unlike the dead bells from the fourteenth century that I researched, I decided to make my own bell silent and peaceful. Its intended purpose is to be worn wherever the owner chooses -- I usually wear it dangling from one of my belt loops -- and to keep the spirits calm as they play and swirl around the leaves inside of the bell. It is meant to protect through calmness and child-like curiosity. The earrings are subtler versions of the larger bell and are meant to be worn and have the same purpose as the larger bell. They can be worn in conjunction with the bell, however, this is not necessary.

Concept Image



Final Product

Modeling The Final Product

Resources on Dead Bells and Bells in Folklore

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