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  • Eliza Kroll

Self Analysis - 4 Drawings

For this assignment, I decided to go with a semi-realistic approach. The most difficult part of this assignment was working with unfamiliar materials/materials that I had only used a few times in the past. I was surprised how much I liked the Mars Linograph graphite pencil. I did not enjoy working with the Conte Crayon. I felt like the material was too soft and did not give me the hard edges and blending that I was looking for. Out of the four drawings, I believe that my most successful drawing was the drawing of the skull and pots. I feel like this was the most successful because it was with a material that I was extremely comfortable with and spent the most time on. The drawing I thought was the least successful was the one I used a foil technique on. I believe this is the least successful of the four because I was uncomfortable with the Conte Crayon and used too many middle tones in the composition. In my future work, I hope that I will be able to become much more comfortable with charcoal materials and include a greater variety of mark-making.

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