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  • Eliza Kroll

Self Analysis - Color Study

For the first of my four paintings, I used a black-and-white color scheme. I used cool, warm, and neural greys. For my second painting, I used a complementary color palette. In my complementary painting, I used orange and blue. I struggled a bit with this one. This was due to the transparency of the warm colors I was using. I experimented with underpainting which eventually gave me a color that let the orange shine through. For my third painting, I did a monochromatic color scheme, which I did in red. For my fourth and final painting, I used a split complementary color palette. My last painting was my weakest, which may be due to the blue/green, yellow/green, and red palette I chose.

I enjoyed getting to know my materials for this project. The main issue I faced was the texture of the paper, making it difficult to paint, and how sticky the acrylics got. To help combat the underlying texture of the material, I am going to start gesso-ing and sanding my canvases or paper. To help with the stickiness, I have gotten a spray bottle and have begun incorporating more matte medium into my acrylics. This has helped a lot of my issues to become resolved.

In Progress Photos

The most successful of my paintings was probably my first one (the black and white one). This is most likely due to the fact I spent the most time on it, and I am more confident with black and white colors. The least successful was my last one (the split complementary colored one) because of the color scheme.


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