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  • Eliza Kroll

Self Analysis - Final

Painting Process

I struggled a lot with this final project. My first thought was to create a collage of images representing myself as an indirect self-portrait. However, after working with this idea for a while, I came across a picture I had taken of my grandparent’s rose garden. I decided to emulate the impressionistic type background of the reference image by looking at Van Gogh, Monet, and Klimt. I also wanted to keep the rose at the center of the painting and make it the focus of the entire piece. I painted the rose in a much more realistic style; however, I still tried to keep it fluid like the rest of the painting. At the end of my process, I took a few days off from working on it to get some perspective to see if it was finished. I decided to go back in and add more highlights, which helped this painting immensely. After completing this piece, I coated it in a custom mixture of Liquitex satin medium to seal and protect the painting. I did this before our critique because multiple parts of the painting were shinier than others, adding a more uniform finish and making the piece feel complete.

Artist Inspiration

I looked at multiple different artists for this project in order to get a certain look for my painting. I looked at Gustav Klimt, Vincent van Gogh, and Claude Monet. I used these artists’ works for inspiration for my brush strokes.

Resource Image


Process Photos


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