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  • Eliza Kroll

Self Evaluation - Pairs


For this assignment, I decided to take the prompt "Pairs" in a funny and whimsical direction. I have been wanting to experiment with a more illustrative style and less hyper-realistic style, so I decided to try this on the Pairs assignment. There were definitely some moments where I felt like giving up, however, I am extremely happy with how this assignment came out.


I debated for a long time on what materials I would use for this assignment. I tried mechanical pencils, Ebony, gouache, watercolor, colored pencils, and mixtures of all of these materials. I finally decided to use a mixture of watercolor, colored pencil, and graphite. I also decided to go out of my comfort zone with my choice of color. I pretty much stick to a cool color palette; however, I chose to experiment with a warm color palette. I think that sticking with a warm color palette has definitely helped me know my materials better.


I had two main struggles with this assignment. The first was the paper; I chose a rag paper for this assignment because it was better suited to the multi-media materials I chose for this assignment. Unlike a typical watercolor paper, I had to let each layer dry completely before adding another. This was due to keep the paper from pilling up. The second struggle I had was the sheer size of the paper. Because of how large the paper was, the pears were also extremely large. This was a struggle for me because I had to mix large amounts of watercolor for each layer, and it usually took more watercolor than I had mixed. Even though I struggled with this piece at moments, I really like how it came out.

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