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  • Eliza Kroll

Self Analysis - Texture Midterm

I had a great deal of trouble with this assignment. At first, I was going to create my own arrangement of objects; however, I finally decided to go back to the basics and work off the studio’s still-life. For this project, I used India Ink and Ebony pencils. I used these two materials because I wanted to use a material I was very familiar with and one I had never used before. I found the India Ink rather challenging, but I enjoyed it. I used the ebony pencil for the pot, wood crate, metal cone, metal cylinder, and some miscellaneous shading. I used a wet-on-wet ink technique for most of the piece; however, I used dry brushing for the floor’s texture. I believe that the floor was the most successful component of this project. I also think that the metal cylinder was also rather good. If I had to re-work one part of this piece, I would re-work the fabric on the lower right side. I would have also liked to add more details to the pot and background.

I was afraid that this piece would look too similar to one of my other compositions. I made it look different by looking at different angles, adding additional components, changing the saturation levels, and using more than one material.

For my texture study, I did a rubbing of one of my keys, smooth metal, fabric from the still life, the top of a lamp post, and a terracotta pot. I used an Ebony pencil or Mars Linograph for the rubbing, metal, and pot. I used India Ink for the fabric and the lamp post.

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